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    222602 - Ninjutsu Karate 15+

    A practical self-defense class with an emphasis on Ninjitsu, which incorporates strikes, blocks and kicks. This class will promote students' confidence and teach them self-defense, discipline, and respect for others, all within a safe and fun environment.

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    Add to CartNinjutsu/TTh 15+Yoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu03/05/19 - 03/28/19$75/$85Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PTu, ThAvailable

    223001 - Kids/Kitchen 5-8

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeKids/Kitchen 5-8Senior Center02/06/19 - 02/27/19$45/$55Location DetailsItem Details 5:15P - 6:15PWCancelled
    Add to CartKids/Kitchen 5-8Senior Center03/06/19 - 04/03/19$40/$50Location DetailsItem Details 5:15P - 6:15PWAvailable

    223002 - Kids/Kitchen 9-18

    This is the class for you if you have cooked a little at home with an adult, but still are not ready to go it alone.
    This class introduces stove top cooking and simple knife skills.
    Class Notes:
    1. Registration deadline is 2 days before class start date.
    2. There is a separate $15.00 Food Fee for each session, paid to the instructor at the first class (cash only).
    3. Participants must provide their own apron.
    4. Spectators are not allowed in the classroom.

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    Add to CartKids/Kitchen 9-18Senior Center02/25/19 - 03/25/19$45/$55Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:30PMAvailable

    223111 - Art with Inga

    No experience necessary! Kids will have fun painting and drawing by exploring basic techniques including shading, negative and positive space, texture, perspective, and working with different media like pencils, watercolors, and tempera paints. Students will take home a finished project at the end of class. NOTE: Students may bring their own supplies (No. 2 pencils, eraser, 11x14 drawing paper and watercolor paper, watercolors with brush), or may use the supplies available in class for a one-time fee of $5.00, payabe to the instructor in cash at the first class meeting.

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    Read NoticeArt with IngaSenior Center02/05/19 - 02/26/19$55/$65Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PTuUnavailable
    Add to CartArt with IngaSenior Center03/05/19 - 03/26/19$50/$60Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PTuAvailable

    223301 - Baton Twirling

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeBaton 4-8 (Beg I)Manteca Library02/07/19 - 02/28/19$30/$40Location DetailsItem Details 5:30P - 6:00PThWaitlist
    Read NoticeBaton 9+ (Beg II)Manteca Library02/07/19 - 02/28/19$40/$50Location DetailsItem Details 5:30P - 6:30PThUnavailable
    Read NoticeBaton 6+ (Intermed.)Manteca Library02/07/19 - 02/28/19$40/$50Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PThUnavailable
    Add to CartBaton 4-8 (Beg I)Manteca Library03/07/19 - 04/04/19$25/$35Location DetailsItem Details 5:30P - 6:00PThAvailable
    Add to CartBaton 9+ (Beg II)Manteca Library03/07/19 - 04/04/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 5:30P - 6:30PThAvailable
    Add to CartBaton 6+ (Intermed.)Manteca Library03/07/19 - 04/04/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PThAvailable

    223403 - Guitar, Beginning

    Students will meet with the instructor as a group for 60 minutes once a week. This is an introductory guitar class, covering techniques and concepts for playing the guitar. This comprehensive class will introduce students to the basics of all music styles and how the guitar functions in each style. NOTE: Each student must supply their own 6-string acoustic guitar. GK Music may have some guitars available for loan or rent-to-own. A minimum of five students is needed to run class.

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    Add to CartGuitar BeginningGK Music03/02/19 - 04/06/19$45/$55Location DetailsItem Details11:00A - 12:00PSaAvailable

    223404 - Pop Singers 8-14

    Students will meet with the instructor as a group for 60 minutes once a week. During each lesson, students will learn different choral techniques including breathing, harmonizing in two to four parts, and vocal blending. Students will have the opportunity to perform as a group at the end of the session. NOTE: A minimum of five students is needed for enrollment to run class.

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    Add to CartPop Singers 8-14GK Music03/11/19 - 04/15/19$40/$50Location DetailsItem Details 7:00P - 8:00PMAvailable

    223509 - CPR for Kids

    This course includes training in CPR for adults, children, and infants, use of an AED, and foreign-body airway-obstruction for adults, children, and infants. Follows American Heart Association guidelines and curriculum. Course material is easily understood and age-appropriate. There is a strong emphasis on calling 911, staying calm, and being prepared. Students will receive a certficate upon course completion. NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing and bring sack lunch.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeCPR for KidsSenior Center02/24/19 - 02/24/19$45/$55Location DetailsItem Details11:00A - 3:00PSuCancelled

    223510 - Abuse & Abduction Prevention

    Children ages 6-10 are highly recommended to attend this very important workshop. Participants will learn life-saving information on the topics of abuse- and abduction-prevention. Information will include stranger danger, being aware of "groomers," the importance of saying NO to uncomfortable and/or inappropriate situations, techniques for preventing and escaping dangerous situations, and much more. Course content is age-appropriate and kids-friendly! Parents are welcome to stay and observe.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeAbuse PreventionSenior Center02/24/19 - 02/24/19$18/$28Location DetailsItem Details 3:30P - 5:30PSuCancelled

    223601 - Dance, Beg Ballet

    Ballet is the fundamental, technical form from which all other dance styles stem. A knowledge of ballet is important for all dancers to establish and maintain proper form. Our classes include intensive barre work, center exercises, patterns in movement across the floor, both allegro and adagio combinations, and terminology. Both Cecchetti and Vaganova methods are taught.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeDance, Beg BalletHolly Rochelle Dance02/01/19 - 02/22/19$30/$40Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 6:30PFUnavailable
    Add to CartDance, Beg BalletHolly Rochelle Dance03/08/19 - 04/05/19$25/$35Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 6:30PFAvailable

    223603 - Dance, Jazz Hip Hop

    This fun class combines basic Jazz techniques with urban steps found in Hip Hop and includes intensive strengthening warm-ups, stretching techniques, across-the-floor movements, leaps, turns and center combination work. Includes fast movements with lots of popping and jolting to upbeat, recognizable music.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeDance, Jazz Hip HopHolly Rochelle Dance02/01/19 - 02/22/19$25/$35Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:00PFUnavailable
    Add to CartDance, Jazz Hip HopHolly Rochelle Dance03/08/19 - 04/05/19$25/$35Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:00PFAvailable

    227905 - Day Camp

    This program, for children in K-7th grades, offers a variety of safe, fun activities for boys and girls in a day camp atmosphere. The camp will include enrichment activities, educational games, arts and crafts, and indoor/outdoor activities (weather permitting) geared to stimulate group and individual play. Morning and afternoon snack will be provided; however, participants must bring sack lunch daily. Participants must be able to use the restroom unassisted.
    2018-2019 Kids' Zone Application or Youth Day Camp Application must be completed prior to enrollment.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeDay Camp-FALL OctStella Brockman10/15/18 - 10/19/18$145Location DetailsItem Details 6:30A - 6:00PM-FUnavailable
    Read NoticeDay Camp-WINTER DecStella Brockman12/26/18 - 12/28/18$90Location DetailsItem Details 6:30A - 6:00PW-FUnavailable
    Read NoticeDay Camp-WINTER JanStella Brockman01/02/19 - 01/04/19$90Location DetailsItem Details 6:30A - 6:30PW-FUnavailable
    Add to CartDay Camp-SPRING MarStella Brockman03/18/19 - 03/22/19$145Location DetailsItem Details 6:30A - 6:30PM-FAvailable

    231901 - U-Jam Fitness

    The newest dance craze! U-Jam Fitness is an athletic, hip-hop fitness workout that combines easy-to-learn steps with high-energy music. It's an intense cardio dance workout that will burn calories, tone your body and make you work up a sweat in no time, all while having fun!

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeU-Jam FitnessYoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu02/01/19 - 02/22/19$37/$47Location DetailsItem Details 8:00P - 9:00PFUnavailable
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