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    231901 - U-Jam Fitness

    The newest dance craze! U-Jam Fitness is an athletic, hip-hop fitness workout that combines easy-to-learn steps with high-energy music. It's an intense cardio dance workout that will burn calories, tone your body and make you work up a sweat in no time, all while having fun!

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    Add to CartU-Jam FitnessYoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu03/01/19 - 03/22/19$32/$42Location DetailsItem Details 8:00P - 9:00PFAvailable

    233406 - Ukulele

    Participants will learn how to play basic chords and strumming patterns to perform full-length songs. Participants may also learn how to play songs to accompany their singing. NOTE: Students must supply their own ukulele and bring it to each class. $5.00 supply fee payable to instructor at first class meeting
    Participants must provide their own Ukulele. There is a $5.00 supply fee per session, payable to the instructor at the first class meeting.

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    Read NoticeUkuleleSenior Center02/11/19 - 03/11/19$70/$80Location DetailsItem Details 5:30P - 6:30PMUnavailable

    233407 - Piano, Beginning

    In this class, participants will learn how to read the notes necessary to play basic melodies and songs. The theory of music will also be taught through written assignments and activities. Participants must provide own keyboard and stand. $5.00 supply fee payable in cash to instructor at the first class meeting.
    Participants provide own keyboard and stand. There is a $5.00 supply fee per session. payable to the instructor at the first class meeting.

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    Read NoticePiano, BeginningSenior Center02/06/19 - 02/27/19$70/$80Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PWUnavailable
    Add to CartPiano, BeginningSenior Center03/06/19 - 04/03/19$70/$80Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 7:00PWAvailable

    233501 - Babysitter Complete

    Babysitter Certification Program for those ages 11 and up (including adults) who want to learn more about caring for children. Course includes CPR and First-Aid certification, dealing with emergencies, taking care of sick children, indoor and outdoor safety, discipline, basic child development, and skills for entertaining young children. Participants also learn how to write a resume and how to find babysitting jobs! Course certificate and American Heart Association CPR/FA card available upon successful completion.
    NOTES: parents of minor children enrolled into class should escort child to class and pick up from class and bring a sack lunch. Enrollment fee includes course book.

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    Add to CartBabysitter CompleteSenior Center02/23/19 - 02/23/19$80Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 5:00PSaAvailable

    233507 - Lifeguard Training

    This class is designed to teach the skills necessary to become a certified lifeguard for swimming pools. Instruction in CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First-Aid Basics, Title 22, and Water Rescue techniques. Participants must be able to swim 300 yeards continuously, tread water, and retrieve a 10-lb object from 7-8 feet depth. Attendance at all classes are mandatory. American Red Cross certification is given at successful completion of course. Pocket mask is included in the course fee. Detailed agenda and book information can be found at Book may be printed from website or bought on your own (ISBN 978-1-58480-487-1).

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    Add to CartLifeguard TrainingSenior Center03/18/19 - 03/21/19$200/$210Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 4:00PM-ThAvailable

    241709 - Tennis Adult Cardio

    Join us for a fun, fast-paced game of tennis, where we'll focus on cardio instead of just getting the ball over the net. While not required, it is recommended that all participants have a Fitbit or some other heart-rate device to get the most out of this class. Students provide their own racquet; balls will be provided.

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    Read NoticeTennis Adult CardioUnion Road Park02/04/19 - 02/25/19$85/$95Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PMCancelled
    Add to CartTennis Adult CardioUnion Road Park03/04/19 - 03/25/19$80/$90Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PMAvailable

    242501 - Self Defense-Women

    Learn realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for real-life scenarios, beginning with awareness and prevention, and progressing to learning hand-to-hand defense, which includes how to use everyday objects to defend yourself.

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    Read NoticeSelf-Defense, WomensYoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu01/12/19 - 01/19/19$55/$65Location DetailsItem Details 2:00P - 4:00PSaCancelled
    Read NoticeSelf-Defense, WomensYoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu02/09/19 - 02/16/19$55/$65Location DetailsItem Details 2:00P - 4:00PSaCancelled
    Read NoticeSelf-Defense, WomensYoga Soul/Jiu-Jitsu03/09/19 - 03/16/19$50/$60Location DetailsItem Details 2:00P - 4:00PSaCancelled

    243115 - Calligraphy Art

    This course is designed to teach students how to create beautiful visual art pieces using elegant forms of lettering. Students will learn how to use basic tools such as nibs, inks, and paper, along with how to properly care for equipment.

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    Read NoticeCalligraphy ArtGK Music02/07/19 - 02/28/19$48/$58Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PThUnavailable
    Add to CartCalligraphy ArtGK Music03/07/19 - 03/28/19$36/$46Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PThAvailable

    243515 - Photography, Beginning

    This class will teach beginning photographers to better understand their cameras, learn about backgrounds and shooting environments, and much more. Program teaches the basic skills necessary to use a DSLR camera, including exposure, lighting, angles and perspective. NOTES: Students must provide their own camera. First meeting will be held at Manteca Parks and Recreation classroom; subsequent classes will meet at locations to be discussed and agreed upon in class.

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    Add to CartPhotography, BegParks & Rec Dept03/14/19 - 04/04/19$50/$60Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PThAvailable

    243610 - Ballroom Dance

    This class covers beginning level with introduction to intermediate level. Theresa has 27 years in the dance industry. This class covers all the essentials of ballroom dance such as footwork, timing, style, technique, appearance and good dance etiquette. Dances taught may include the Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Eastern Swing, West Coast Swing, Tango, Salsa, Mambo and Samba. Leather soled shoes are recommended. Ask about joining DanceSport Team!

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    Read NoticeBallroom DanceSenior Center02/07/19 - 03/28/19$53/$63Location DetailsItem Details 8:00P - 9:00PThUnavailable

    243614 - Belly Dancing

    Learn the beautiful art of belly dance! Tone, shape, and build endurance as you do various dances from the French Moroccan style.

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    Add to CartBelly DancingSenior Center03/06/19 - 04/24/19$70/$80Location DetailsItem Details 7:15P - 8:15PWAvailable

    243803 - Zumba

    Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements to create a FUN and EASY workout that anyone can do! Zumba is designed for everyone; participants of any fitness level, background, or age can start right away. Zumba's basic steps formula makes it easy for everyone to learn. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your entire boyd while burning fat. You're having so much fun you don't realize you're working out. NOTE: Bring towel and water.
    NOTE: Athletic shoes and attire required.

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    Add to CartZumbaEast Union HS02/26/19 - 04/02/19$48/$58Location DetailsItem Details 6:30P - 7:30PTuAvailable

    243809 - Pi-Yo Live

    A low-impact, high-intensity workout, combining Yoga/ Pilates-inspired moves with cardio. Increase flexibility without weights or jimping. Uses non-stop fluid movements and the muscle-sculpting of Pilates. NOTE: Bring a towel, water, and yoga/pilates mat.

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    Read NoticePi-Yo LiveCal Fit02/01/19 - 02/22/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 10:00AFUnavailable
    Add to CartPi-Yo LiveCal Fit03/01/19 - 03/29/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 10:00AFAvailable

    243810 - R.I.P.P.E.D.

    Resistance. Interval. Power. Plyometrics. Endurance. Diet/Nutrition. This is a total-body workout for every body, low-impact to high-impact. Feel stronger, have more energy, sleep better! Bring a towel and water.

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    Read NoticeR.I.P.P.E.D.Cal Fit02/06/19 - 02/27/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 10:00AWUnavailable
    Add to CartR.I.P.P.E.D.Cal Fit03/06/19 - 03/27/19$35/$45Location DetailsItem Details 9:00A - 10:00AWAvailable

    263116 - Art, Watercolor

    Instructor Janice Johnson, who teaches watercolor classes worldwide for Royal Caribbean Cunard and Azamara Cruise Lines, is offering this five-day workshop for beginning and intermediate students ages 8 through adult! Students will learn the basics of one of the most enduring art forms in our culture; watercolor painting. In addition to the basics such as laying flat wash, dark and light colors, palette color-mixing and overlaying colors, we will use several fascinating variations, including paitning with salt, block painting, glazing, spattering, sponge-painting, and wax-resist. Each day we'll paint a scene from around the world; lessons include three simple steps, examples, resources, and demonstrations. Each student will complete five unique paintings by the end of the workshop. The instructor provides all materials and supplies; there is a $30 supply fee per student, payable to the instructor at the first class meeting.

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    Add to CartArt, WatercolorSenior Center03/18/19 - 03/22/19$125/$135Location DetailsItem Details 6:00P - 8:00PM-FAvailable

    263505 - Dog Obedience

    This course is for beginners from puppy to full grown dogs. The pups need to have completed the series of Parvo and Distemper shorts, which usually happens at 3 to 4 months of age. Class includes regular obedience instruction, information on breaking bad habits, and socializing your pup with other dogs and people. A substantial discount is given if your dog needs to repeat the course.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Read NoticeDog ObedienceCourtyard02/16/19 - 03/09/19$105/$115Location DetailsItem Details10:00A - 11:30ASaUnavailable
    Add to CartDog ObedienceCourtyard03/16/19 - 04/06/19$100/$110Location DetailsItem Details10:00A - 11:30ASaAvailable

    263516 - ASL 1 (8+)

    Have you ever wanted to learn sign language for fun? Do you have family, a friend, or a co-worker who is Deaf and want to be able to communicate with them? This class is a way to connect with your community while learning another language. We start with basic conversational skills and introduction to Deaf culture.

          Cart IconDescriptionLocationDatesFees      Location Icon      Details IconTimesDays      Status
    Add to CartASL 1 (8+)Sierra High School02/28/19 - 04/11/19$30/$40Location DetailsItem Details 5:00P - 6:00PThAvailable
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